Urus (5495m) and Nevado Ishinca (5530m)

ishinca2DURATION: 4 or 5 Days

URUS: 5495m Grade: Medium

ISHINCA: 5530m Grade: Medium

From our base in the beautiful Ishinca Valley we can climb two peaks which are both suitable for novice climbers.

Previous experience on snow and ice is not necessary, we will provide some basic instruction in the base camp and support during the climb, but you need to be strong to undertake these climbs. There are sometimes some short sections of steep ice to negotiate in which we will help you.

Although we grade the climb Medium and as being suitable for beginner climbers, the altitude at 5530m does make it demanding.

DAY 1:Drive 1½ hours from Huaraz to the village of either Pashpa or Collon (3400m). Then walk up Quebrada Ishinca valley on a gently rising path to our camp at the head of the valley. 4 to 5 hours

DAY 2:Climb Urus east face. A steep climb directly up a ridge and across large moraine rocks until we reach the ice. Climb on snow and ice for one hour, and then the last half hour to the summit is an easier rock climb, although in some years might be deep snow all the way to the summit. A steep descent back down to the camp. 7 hours

DAY 3 optional rest day

DAY 3 (OR 4):Climb Ishinca. A steady climb initially on a good path and then on loose rock and large moraine rock until we reach the ice. The climb is usually not very steep apart from the final 20 meters to the summit. In some years depending on the condition of the glacier there can be some short steep sections or hard ice, but we will help you with this. Return the same way to Base Camp. 9 to 12 hours depending on fitness.

DAY 4 (OR 5):Walk down the Ishinca Valley to pashpa and return to Huaraz