Alpamayo (5947m) – southside aproach

alpamayoTiming: 7 days
Grade: Technical

Alpamayo is an amazing pyramid of ice and snow flutings, once voted to be the most beautiful mountain in the world. The climb to the summit is steep & technical, and is suitable for experienced climbers only. We advise warm-up climbs on one or two peaks beforehand.

DAY 1: Drive 3 hours from Huaraz to Cashapampa. Then hike to Llamacorral 3750m. 4 to 5 hours

DAY 2: Hike to Base Camp at the top of the Quebrada Arhuaycocha 4250m. 4 to 5 hours

DAY 3: Rest Day while the porters carry gear to High Camp

DAY 4: First climbing on moraine rock, then on sometimes steep ice & snow to High Camp. 5450m. 3 to 4 hours

DAY 5: A steep & technical climb on ice to the summit. Fixed rope is used and several rappels are needed to descend. Return to sleep at High Camp. 8 to 9 hours

DAY 6: Return to Base Camp. 5 to 6 hours

DAY 7: Return to Cashapampa. 7 to 8 hours and return to Huaraz in our private van