Vallunaraju (5686m)

20080609-DSCN0432TIME: 2 days

GRADE OF DIFUCULTY : Medium / hard

Vallunaraju is one of the few peaks in the Cordillera Blanca that can be climbed from Huaraz in two days. The climb is an enjoyable, moderate mountaineering adventure with great views from all aspects and sun during the climbing. Vallunaraju is suitable for both first time climbers and also experienced climbers wanting to practice various techniques, crevice rescues and ice climbing. A good peak to include at the end of your trek.

DAY 1. Drive 1½ hours from Huaraz to the Llaca Valley 4350m. Then we climb steeply up a ridge for 2 to 3 hours to Morena Camp 4900m

DAY 2. A steady and not steep path on good snow slopes towards the summit. The last 60m to the summit is steeper and the guide will help you. Return back to the road in Llaca Valley and then to Huaraz. About 10 hours to climb & descend.